There are many fine places where you can
anonymously crank out a book.

Book conveyer belt

Beaver’s Pond Press isn’t one of them.

If we were, we’d have a hipper name.

So heads up: If you want to publish here, we'll have to get to know each other, even if we never meet in person. If we don't get to know each other, how else will your book become excellent?

Our process relies on a lot of human interaction, judgment calls, and tough love. We know that no two authors and no two books are the same, so that's how we roll. We've been doing this since before Facebook, and before PayPal. Heck, back when our company first started, you could board an airplane without picture ID. Now that we've got over 800 books to our name, it stands to reason that we'd have this whole publishing thing down to a science. But you know what? We don't. Because this is not a science. It's an art.

And that applies to science books, too.

enough about us. Let's talk about you!