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We'll recommend a combination of the following services,
depending on your goals and on the needs of your manuscript:



  • Developmental Editing

    In some projects, this editor takes the form of a coach, guiding and motivating you to do the work. In other projects, this editor serves as a book doctor, diagnosing and treating major issues in your manuscript. Whatever your unique situation, you and your developmental editor will define your ideal manuscript, and create a practical strategy to achieve it. Any manuscript can benefit from a developmental edit, but Beaver's Pond does not require this for every manuscript.

  • Content Editing

    This is where the magic happens. Your fairy god-editor sees the raw beauty in your manuscript, casts away the rags and grime, and readies it for the ball. Content editing is a collaborative and transformational process. Your editor works to ensure that your unique voice is in perfect harmony with the needs of your reader. This is the time to handle big-picture issues such as structure, voice, arc, and thrust. Confusion and redundancy are eliminated. Everything is tightened and clarified. Problems are solved.


  • Copy Editing

    A copy editor makes sure that your authority, as an author, is never diminished by errors or inconsistencies. Every manuscript needs a professional copy edit (also known as a "line edit.") Your manuscript is thoroughly examined for clarity, focus, structure, organization, permissions, omissions, and consistency, in accordance with the most recent editions of the Chicago Manual of Style, the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, and other sources, as needed. Your copy editor works to eliminate every obstacle and to bridge any gap that comes between you and your reader. A copy edit is required for every manuscript published by Beaver's Pond.

  • Proofreading

    Proofreading is only necessary if your book is meant to be read by at least one other living person on this planet. Your finished manuscript, including cover, is carefully examined for errors in punctuation, spelling, and consistency. Proofreading is required for every manuscript published by Beaver's Pond.

  • Back Cover Copy

    You've managed to write a whole manuscript, but somehow this tiny blurb is giving you writer's block. Your back cover copy is the synopsis that will be selling your book for you in person, online, in catalogs, and all over. It needs to be punchy and perfect, and we can help. We'll either write the whole thing, or enhance your rough draft. We'll do the same for your author's bio, if need be.


  • Illustration

    An illustrator creates original art to support the text and translate the tone of your story. We'll show you illustration portfolios and finished books to help you choose the best illustrator for your project, and then broker the terms. Our illustration service encompasses meetings, research, and appropriate interviews, and includes sketches, and layout of interior pages and covers. Illustration through Beaver's Pond is commissioned on a work-for-hire basis; the author owns rights to the final images. We only manage the terms for our illustrators; you’re welcome to bring your own illustrator, so long as you manage the terms of that agreement.


  • Book Design

    A book designer transforms your manuscript into an actual book. When it comes to adhering to industry specifications, delivering files to the printer, and converting files to e-book formats, the book designer's experience and wisdom are critical for accuracy, proofing, and troubleshooting. Your designer creates a custom cover that reflects and interprets the vision of your book. Your designer also creates the right look and feel for the interior of the book, and typesets the text, including graphs, charts, inserts, and callouts. Design is available for printed books and for e-books.

  • Indexing

    A good index is vital to most non-fiction books. Once typesetting is finalized, an index is created and cross checked. Your indexer uses specialized software combined with human editorial savvy to create this useful and relevant section of your book. This is an optional service; recommended, but not required.

  • Printing

    The printed page represents your manuscript in its exalted form. You don't have to print your book, but you know you want to. We use digital or offset printers, depending on the size of the print run. We print our books in North America. We don't use templates; each print job is customized to the unique specifications of your book. You have total control over your options, and will be guided throughout the decision-making process. The number of books printed is up to you.

  • E-book Conversion & Upload

    Your manuscript is converted into files required by various digital platforms, tested on a variety of e-reading devices, then launched into cyberspace for galaxy-wide distribution. Your e-book will work on Kindle, Apple iPad/iBooks, Nook, Sony Reader, and other digital reading applications such as Kobo, Stanza, Aldiko, and Adobe Digital Editions. We will upload it for you and manage all of the various accounts for a nominal fee, or we'll give you instructions to do it yourself.


  • Audio Book Production

    About ten percent of any author’s readers are actually listeners, and audio books are now easier than ever to distribute, thanks to services like Audible and iTunes. Let our seasoned producer make your audio book road worthy. You have the choice to either cast one of our talented voice professionals, or to read it yourself under the direction of an experienced voice director, in a state-of-the-art studio. We’ll cast it, direct it, record it, edit it, mix it, finalize it, and load it, all for a competitive price.

  • Marketing

    Get your book off the shelf and into readers’ hands. Brainstorm creative ideas with a book marketing professional. Each session is customized to suit your individual needs as an author. Topics include: innovative ways to reach your target audience, how to establish your author brand/platform, how to get reviews, developing your elevator pitch, breaking into organizations, ways to stand out from the crowd at book conferences, how to plan a memorable book signing or launch party, social media strategies, and more. We’ll work within your budget to create useful marketing materials. We’ll also guide you on how to choose a publicist and provide you with a list of our favorite proven performers.

  • Distribution

    Get your book into major distribution channels, under the umbrella of an established publisher. Beaver's Pond provides you with access to the necessary distribution channels so that all major booksellers, retailers of any type and size, and libraries will be easily able to order your book. We register your book with Ingram, Baker and Taylor, Amazon.com, Barnesandnoble.com, and the Library of Congress. This does not include, but works in conjunction with warehouse service, provided separately.

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