Let's talk about our relationship.

You're an independent author with a passion, trying to get your book out into the world. We're a small group of passionate book nerds, and we want the world to love your work.

There are about 900 different ways to publish a book, and you just want someone to help you figure out what to do. We've published close to 900 books, and we're very good at helping authors figure out what to do.

You need someone to listen, someone to grasp what you're trying to achieve, someone to be realistic about what it takes to do this right. We are the real deal. Our process is all human interaction, judgment calls, tough love, and hard truth.

That much we know for sure about our relationship. The rest of it is a beautiful mystery, because if we've learned anything in the past umpteen years, it's that no two authors and no two books are the same. That's what makes this work so interesting. That's why we can't wait to to get to know YOU.


Why Beaver’s Pond Press?

We are relationship focused.

We’re choosy about the quality and the number of projects we take on, meaning we care about our authors, and that makes all the difference. At Beaver’s Pond Press, you’re more than an ISBN number and you aren’t shuffled from department to department. You’re paired with a project manager who stays by your side from beginning to end serving as your general contractor, your midwife, your story’s biggest fan.

We know that the best books are created when all parties are invested in its success. Our relationship matters.


We provide a dignified process.

Maybe you’ve waited months or years for a reply to your query when scaling the brick wall of traditional publishing. Maybe you’re done with wading through the vast swamplands of self-publishing advice and services. Maybe you’re weary of sorting through Craigslist freelancers with your fingers crossed. Maybe you just know exactly what you want and are ready to make it happen.

We’re something different. We care about books, authors, and our publishing community, and even if we’re not the right fit, we’ll recommend decent solutions for your project. Reach out and we’ll reply promptly and respectfully.


Our books are high quality.

Your book bears your name and can live on long after you’re gone, and we want you to be proud of your creation. Your book also bears our name and we want everyone who reads it to know that we are obsessed with quality. That’s why there are no formulas or templates here. Your book gets as much—or as little—editing as we mutually decide that it requires. You collaborate with our designers to produce a customized design from front to back. Every person that works on your book is both an artist and a professional, and our printers are outstanding.

After over twenty years in business and more than 900 books, we know what we’re doing.


Our process is heart-centered, but business-minded.

Writing is a creative endeavor, but publishing means turning your art into a small business. We offer experienced mentorship to transform you into an authorpreneur and we provide infrastructure for your book to ultimately sustain itself. You pay us to for guidance and production. The creative control, profits, and copyright are fully yours.

Our fulfillment includes Amazon and traditional distribution channels like Ingram, Baker & Taylor, Brodart, Follett, Mackin, and other specialty wholesalers, making your book available to a broad mix of online retailers and brick-and-mortar stores. You may also keep any quantity of books you need for your personal distribution purposes—maybe some, maybe all, depending on your readership.


We provide realistic pricing.

You didn’t come here for a formula-based solution. You came for the services you need for the best book possible. Your book is unique, and your pricing will be, too. We first need to see your manuscript to ascertain whether it’s in alignment with our company’s vocation and can fit into our schedule. If so, we meet with you to explain our process and to learn about your journey and goals. We then create a personalized cost estimate. We pride ourselves in sticking to those numbers so there are no surprises halfway through the project. You’ll be fully (and freely) educated about your options, pricing, and timeline before we start working together.


We promise an enjoyable experience.

We should mention that you’re going to love this. As an independent author, you’re the captain and we’re here to navigate your journey. Our collaborative process and TLC makes for a wonderful publishing experience and a splendid book. Our authors typically stay connected long after their first printing, and we look forward to developing a long-lasting relationship with you!


The Beaver’s Pond Press Vocation

Our calling is to help you follow yours.

Our hybrid publishing company was founded with the belief that quality manuscripts deserve to be on bookshelves, and passionate authors belong in a place that feels like home.

At Beaver’s Pond Press, we support a diversity of voices and have been turning interesting people into independent authors since 1998. We’re choosy about the projects we take on because we’re a small company and put a lot of care into our work. If you’ve created something that will bring joy, ease suffering, shine a light in the darkness—or in some way be useful, hopeful, cathartic, beautiful, or all of the above—we want to publish it.



Milt "Beaver" Adams just couldn't retire.

He was a people person with lots of energy and ideas, and relaxing didn't come naturally, which is why everybody called him Beaver. Busy, busy, busy, he loved to be useful. Plus, the teeth. So when a friend of his complained about struggling to get published, Beaver came up with a plan. Always very connected, Beaver tapped his network for printers, editors, proofreaders, illustrators, and designers and put together a new kind of publishing company, which he dubbed "the mentoring press."


His hybrid of royalty and vanity models meant that the authors would fully own their books, and the books would be actually worth owning. Beaver spent the rest of his life perfecting this vision, and worked right up to his final months, getting more done in his "retirement" than most people achieve in a lifetime.


Beaver liked to say that acid rain could destroy his tombstone, but not his books—his books would go on forever. Whenever he said that (oh, once a week) we'd get a mental image of books being left out in acid rain. They wouldn't last two minutes! But we know what he meant, because we feel it, too. Mentoring authors and publishing books is the best kind of work there is, and it's making us all live longer and better, just to be a part of it.


Beaver left The Pond November 18, 2012, and we miss him every day. But we're all very sure that wherever he is now, he's busy, busy, busy doing something absolutely awesome.


Beaver's Pond Press

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Turning interesting people into independent authors since 1998.

Why no rate sheets? Why no package deals? Why no mile-long contracts? With nearly 900 books to our name, shouldn't we have this whole publishing thing down to a science?
Well, we don't.
Because this is not a science. It's an art.

And that applies to science books, too.