Let's talk about our relationship.

You're an independent author with a passion, trying to get your book out into the world. We're a small group of passionate book nerds, and we want the world to love your work.

There are about 900 different ways to publish a book, and you just want someone to help you figure out what to do. We've published close to 900 books, and we're very good at helping authors figure out what to do.

You need someone to listen, someone to grasp what you're trying to achieve, someone to be realistic about what it takes to do this right. We are the real deal. Our process is all human interaction, judgment calls, tough love, and hard truth.

That much we know for sure about our relationship. The rest of it is a beautiful mystery, because if we've learned anything in the past umpteen years, it's that no two authors and no two books are the same. That's what makes this work so interesting. That's why we can't wait to to get to know YOU.

Milt "Beaver" Adams just couldn't retire.

He was a people person with lots of energy and ideas, and relaxing didn't come naturally, which is why everybody called him Beaver. Busy, busy, busy, he loved to be useful. Plus, the teeth. So when a friend of his complained about struggling to get published, Beaver came up with a plan. Always very connected, Beaver tapped his network for printers, editors, proofreaders, illustrators, and designers and put together a new kind of publishing company, which he dubbed "the mentoring press."


His hybrid of royalty and vanity models meant that the authors would fully own their books, and the books would be actually worth owning. Beaver spent the rest of his life perfecting this vision, and worked right up to his final months, getting more done in his "retirement" than most people achieve in a lifetime.


Beaver liked to say that acid rain could destroy his tombstone, but not his books—his books would go on forever. Whenever he said that (oh, once a week) we'd get a mental image of books being left out in acid rain. They wouldn't last two minutes! But we know what he meant, because we feel it, too. Mentoring authors and publishing books is the best kind of work there is, and it's making us all live longer and better, just to be a part of it.


Beaver left The Pond November 18, 2012, and we miss him every day. But we're all very sure that wherever he is now, he's busy, busy, busy doing something absolutely awesome.


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Why no rate sheets? Why no package deals? Why no mile-long contracts? With nearly 900 books to our name, shouldn't we have this whole publishing thing down to a science?
Well, we don't.
Because this is not a science. It's an art.

And that applies to science books, too.